Falling water level in Brahmaputra impact functioning of IOC’s Guwahati refinery

December 17, 2015

According to a top executive at Indian Oil Corporation, the falling level of water  in the Brahmaputra could affect the functioning of  its  Guwahati refinery.The refinery is located in the vicinity of the river and draws its surface water for its operations and processes.
Executive director J Borpujari said  that a further drop in the water level could affect the refinery’s operations, as sandbars have come up in the areas from where the refinery draws water.
He said “Although silting and sandbar formation is a regular phenomenon observed in the water intake area during winters (dry spell), this year the silting is unprecedentedly high. This has forced at least four pumps to shut down. The executive director added, “We have sought help from the water resources department of Assam government and will get in touch with the inland water transport department for they can do satellite survey and predict the areas where sandbars are likely to come up.”
According to the refinery, the water level in the river has come down by two feet in comparison with last year. The refinery requires at least 1,300 cubic metres of water every hour, but it is now getting just only 1,000 cubic metres. The water level in the river is rapidly receding and there does not seem to be any likelihood of the level rising before rains in the upstream areas, and this is unlikely before the seasonal monsoon in April.The situation is highly critical for the refinery as it may lead to starvation and may impact refinery operation, even leading to shut down.”

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