CIF chief: Huge opportunities for India?? oil companies to invest in Canada

January 10, 2016

( ) According to  chief Ajit Someshwar Canada-India Foundation (CIF), Canada, a leading oil producer, has been grappling with falling crude prices and reduced investment in energy sector and it is the right time for Indian companies to go for joint ventures there in a major way.He said that there are huge opportunities for India’s private as well as public to enhance cooperation in the hydrocarbon sector.He said “Canada is a energy surplus country. Energy prices are extremely low now and it is hurting Canada. This is the right time for India’s public sector and private sector companies to invest in oil sector in Canada. We can also collaborate in the nuclear energy sphere.”Prime Minister Narendra Modi had visited Canada in April last year during which both sides had agreed to expand ties in the energy sector. Canada had also agreed for long-term supply of uranium to India. 

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