Maharashtra Govt to install rooftop solar panels for electricity generation

January 13, 2016

The Maharashtra government, in order to meet its power requirements, is planning to install rooftop solar panels on its building for electricity generation. It may also consider giving capital subsidies to semi-government and even private entities for setting up these systems.

The off-grid renewable energy policy, which is due to be placed before the state cabinet soon, is also looking at promoting steam-based solar cooking systems in community buildings like jails, hospitals and government hostels.

According to a senior Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA) official,  the government along with installing rooftop solar power systems on its buildings, also has plans  to grant 50% subsidies to semi-government bodies and 30% for private entities, targeting  bulk producers like group housing societies. He added that the government plans to go beyond the conventional belief where solar energy is largely equated with water heaters.

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