About Us

About us

Synergy Publications, with its maiden offerings of Magazines, Directories, Research Reports, dwelling on diverse sectors of India’s vast economic and social landscape, seeks to meet a long felt need of managers and stakeholders in these sectors. These are meant precisely to disseminate information and knowledge, share and analyze them, initiate well informed debates, discourses and finally even a forceful advocacy of issues not in the visible agenda of policy frameworks and practices. The final endeavor of the Publications is to create well articulated vibrant platforms and forums that can take a dispassionate view of emerging scenarios in these sectors while keeping to the larger interests of all the stakeholders. To start with, limiting to our strengths, the focus sectors will be Power & Energy and Education in India.

In the Power & Energy sector following are the products now on offer:

  • Power & Energy E-Newsletter.
  • Power & Energy Magazine
  • Power & Energy Sector and Industry Research Reports
  • Power & Energy Sector Directories.

These are designed precisely to deliver the critical information and knowledge requirements to help the sector patrons and stakeholders. Our driving philosophy is that the sector patrons and the participant-diaspora alike must be made to read the writing on the wall before it is too late and also read between lines as and when situation warrants and all about what is happening in the sectors.


Through Synergy’s Power & Energy E-Newsletter you get, as a freesource, the latest news, updates and insights on India’s Power sector in Generation, Transmission, Distribution & Trading and Energy sectors of Oil and Gas, Coal, Hydro, Nuclear, Solar-PV and Thermal, Wind, Biomass, WTE, Biofuels and other new Renewables at your fingertips on Powerenergyindia.com steered by Synergy Publications—a pioneering knowledge and information hub in Power & Energy and Education domains. This keeps all those involved in these sectors and its myriad of subsectors to be well informed anytime and every time in an easy accessible and readable format.


Synergy’s Power & Energy Magazine offering in the web and print versions, reflects with fidelity, in every issue, happenings of significance in the power and energy sectors from the vantage standpoint of stakeholders. While spotlighting macro and micro issues facing these fast-changing sectors and their related industries, it regularly features in-depth articles on topics of importance and highlight news and developments from national and international perspectives. It presents carefully sifted opinions of thought leaders, painstakingly gleaned facts underpinning conflicts, stated and unstated policies shaping the sectors, deeply studied and analyzed pieces on existing and contemplated legislative measures and finally, interesting off-beat snippets.

Every issue of Power & Energy Magazine will help its readers get to the bottom of the issues in diverse areas of power generation, transmission, distribution, technology, project finance, statutory & regulatory affairs, advocacy issues, market trends, data tables and stock analysis. Its well-researched write-ups will update readers on the viability or otherwise of projects promoted as alternatives to fossil fuels and conventional sources and linked to new technologies and renewable sources—solar, wind, geothermal, bio-energy and tidal energy among others. Its racy pages will also cover significant issues and happenings in oil, gas, nuclear and coal sectors. Tenders and Job Listings are among its many add-ons.

Power & Energy Sector and Industry Research Reports

Synergy Publications, Power & Energy Sector and Industry Research Reports provide in-depth information, insightful analyses, perceptive overviews, uncluttered facts, studied trends and timely updates across various facets of the entire power and energy sector spectrum. Every publication will be a standalone piece of inestimable value to users.

What’s in it?

  • Rivetting and yet well researched technical and commercial overviews and analyses of the key new trends & futuristic sunrise areas of Power & Energy developments in the sectors as associated industries.
  • A close look at various players and analysis of their performances.
  • Opinion pieces based on hard facts and flawless figures to help make informed business decisions.
  • Techno-commercial analysis and reporting to give down-to-earth implementable schemes and plans.
  • Tools, Systems to analyse technologies processes and projects and to scan then help to benchmark existing practices and determine look-ahead implementation strategies and action plans in the subject area of research.

Why use it?

  • Understand future growth areas of business and outline strategies to be benchmarked among the best in the area of research.
  • Spell out ways to be ahead of industry and technology trends.
  • Make sound business plans, be it for launch or expansion and provide strategic insights to the sector leadership in the identified key areas of Power & Energy sectors.

Who can use it?

  •  CEOs/COOs/CTOs/Directors
  •  Senior Decision Makers and Managers
  •  Financiers/Venture capitalists
  •  Leaders of industry bodies, federations.
  •  Consultants and Project Integrators

Why Synergy Research?

  • Synergy Research Reports are based on solid objective research founded on reliable data sources and penetrating analyses.
  • Research products are specially crafted to serve the individual and collective needs of individual players in the industry and the sectors as a whole.
  • Comprehensive and cost effective offerings from those closely associated with Power & Energy sectors for long.

Our Focus Areas

  • Power–Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Trading.
  • Coal
  • Oil & Natural Gas
  • Renewable Energy–Solar (PV/Thermal), Wind, Hydro, Bio-resources, Wastes, Geothermal, Tidal and others.

Synergy Publication’s Research Reports strive to be the best in industry overviews, industry & project aggregates, financials & their comparisons, market performance data updates on policies, regulations and procedures peppered with advanced research and industry news, profiles of major companies, and above all, means to enhance and create stakeholder value.

Power & Energy Directory

Power & Energy Directory, a significant offering of Synergy Publications endeavors to be the last word on discovering the cream of industries, federations, agencies and institutions at various levels and in different geographies of power and energy sectors. It is designed to serve as a reference directory for strategic leaders, managers and line functionaries alike. From the vast data in it, you can access and use authentic information material as well as rare insights on a gamut of products, manufacturers and such other information crucial to networking with the cream of Power & Energy industry players.

Power & Energy Directory profiles industries and companies, lists significant players catering to various groups under non-paying (standard) and paying (premium) categories. It targets to feature the who’s who of the sectors along with overviews of the utilities, industries and institutions they head or guide. It provides a platform where industry players-big or small-can showcase the latest products, processes or key business developments with maximum returns. It may herald your recognition to the world and a ready reckoner for you to multiply your revenues manifold through such a recognition, among the multitude of Power & Energy sector stakeholders including utilities, project firms, manufacturers,  traders and buyers of products and services. In conclusion, Power & Energy Directory will be on the one hand a platform of confluence for B2B and B2C entities which deserve to be known and dealt with and on the other to the myriad of consumers and users who have to know them to make well informed buy decisions.


Synergy Publications, as a business extension under Synergy Events, will organize and conduct seminars, symposiums, conferences, meets, conventions, public shows, road-shows and launches for companies and products, specifically for the power and energy sector. These will be executed through competent and knowledgeable event managers. These conferences, conventions, seminars and symposiums, exhibitions/expos will be designed to be pre-planned, organized and managed for specially designed target groups.

While bridging buyers & sellers, Synergy Events will bring about a paradigm shift in the choices that industries and companies in power and energy sectors can make. Our teams will think through the needs of both buyers and sellers of products and services and provide them the wherewithal for optimizing results and maximizing gains. Whether it is a question of providing space, scheduling interaction, doing business, organizing shows at multiple venues, getting thought leaders to speak on current industry topics or making public the achievements of your businesses, Synergy Events will underpin your efforts from start to finish in doing precisely this.


Tests & Careers Magazine, the only non-Power & Energy sector publication, is a maiden offering of Synergy Publications devoted the issues and happenings in education and related areas of career study points, competition and lifetime skills. It is designed to meet the varying requirements of adolescents, students and career seekers who will be passing through the different stages along the career path.

For more details visit: www.testsandcareers.com